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Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

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as·lon3g ThDis riff is basedLinet­thriengA3 e-F5#-G). switch to a clea5n tone, or an acous­tic gui­tar and hold the fret­ted notes as chords for as to4al­low (A-Boe-C.

y.our han4d to. tapoe) s#troe­ings3o­noeto poEs­si­ble ev­ery­thing to ring to­gether; you can use a de­lay pedal to in­crease the sus­tain. Hold the fi­nal A5 power chord and use the sec­ond fin­ger of

(qoeuick1 w#itoeh picBk­ing slaoep the the fo­erets at 154th fre­toe; so3meoeprac­toeise, chimin­goe­har­monijc.

this should pro­duce a clean,


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