ExamplE6 richie samb­ora-style solo

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

This solo is based in A ma­jor or io­nian mode (A-B-C#-d-e-F#-G#) with a fo­cus on the ma­jor Pen­ta­tonic notes within (A-B-C#-e-F#). As you play the first four bars make sure that the bends are in tune and the vi­brato is wide. next we have oc­taves (best fret­ted with the first and fourth fin­gers), fol­lowed by some fast pull-offs. next use your whammy bar to dip (scoop) into the start of each note and use fret­ting-hand taps to free up your pick­ing hand. Build to the cli­max of the solo by tap­ping at the 17th fret, then sliding up the string to­wards the pick­ups. Fi­nally, reprise the open­ing lick of the solo, this time an oc­tave higher.

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