ExamplE5 nat­u­ral mi­nor riff

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

A. ThDis A nat­u­ral mi­nor or eo­lian riff (A-B-C-d-e-F-G) is in the ea2rly Bon Jovi sty2le. Palm m2ute the open fifth strin5g roo4t note2and pick us­ing down­strok0es through­out. When you play the dou5ble-st4op sha2pes on the fourth and third strings, lift your palm away from the bridge to let th3em4pop out. Play the last seven A Ae­o­lian scale notes with alternate pick­ing start­ing on an up­stroke; this will bring you back to the top of the riff with a down­stroke. Per­fect!

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