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sTuEsCchHoNrdIsQaUreEoSfte2n a5t heart of the Amer­iS­cat­nu­aas­rty'sleAanc­dogu­isvetic A sim­ple fin­ger­pick­ing pat­tern is of­ten es­tab­lished, which then re­mains thaGtwUiIsTt­fAuRl,‘loTnEgCinHg’NsoIuQnUdE.TSher2e a1­caveat though – thisS­patur­taicrutl'as­rAFs­cuos through the whole track. Get­ting used to play­ing any finger­style pat­tern is a voic­ing is a lot eas­ier to play if you use the fret­ting hand thuJmAbC­foKrSthOeNbasBsROWNgEoodSsTkYil­lLtEo de­velop as it makes pick­ing up new songs much eas­ier. note (1st fret, sixth string) as Jackson does. Idio­syn­cratic, yes, but it also works It’s voic­ings like th­ese that really make you re­alise the im­por­tance of for Jimi Hen­drix, Pat Metheny and John Mayer among many oth­ers. ‘thumb over the top’ fret­ting.

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