EXAMPLE1 Comp­ing styles: larry Carl­ton

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This ex­am­ple mixes sin­gle note lines with jazzy chTohrde­vBoil­cuinegssS­to­ty­clreaotef aLaslri­crky bluesEcx­om1p. The chro­matic slides into the G13 and d9 chords in bars 1, 3 and 5 Ex 1 Shuf­fle Shuf­flFe#

13 G13 #F#

13 G13 F#1J3 Shuf­fle

F 13 G13 Shuf­fle

F 13 G13

Ex 1 Ex©1»¡º#• Ex 1


onuld&bReop­blabyed­nrFhy­otrhd­mic-al­lyPb­huitl tCheapGo13­nes­lide in bar 7 is played as a quicker grace note slide. it’s this level of de­tail that makes larry’s work sound so ‘right’. F#

13 G13 #F#

13 G13 F#J

13 G13 F 13 G13


13 G13

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