EXAMPLE6 ma­jor to mi­nor over i-iv Changes: robben Ford

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY|SOPHISTICATED BLUES -

Just aAEsx­in6the pre­vi­ous ex­am­ple, this ex­er­cise il­lus­trates how your blues8­so6lo­ing

ooep­pos­beoed will be im­proved#10 you play theoe­cho­br­does to sim­ply

with the changes as oe­with­out youoe’re su­per­imp&os­ing#P#en­ta­ton­i­coelick­sply­oead­doethe cjo­noesideri­noeg3roed (C#)oeof chboo­erd (a7oe)

ev­neo­ery simoe ma­jooer a&chieve tim­oee over. To this the i

Eyou play over it; this is par8tic­u6larly ef­f4e. ctive on~p~h~rase con­clu­sions as in bars 2 al­so­jheoelps hoeig.hlight and 4oe­where a slide into thoee maoe­jor 3rd to the note. You’ll no­tice also that the ma­jor 6th in­ter­val is of­ten added to mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic licks (see ex­am­ple 9 for more info on this).

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