EXAMPLE9 do­rian pen­ta­toniC over blues Changes

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY|SOPHISTICATED BLUES -

This dom­i­nant 7th se­quence il­lus­trates how the do­rian Pen­ta­tonic can be used do'rian

(G-BbC-d-e) Pe~n~ta~to~nic over any chord in a bSl­hu­uefs­flper­o­gres­sion. You can spot G through­out, but bars 3 and 9 are par­tic­u­larly good. Both play­ers use this scale ex­ten­sively in their so­los so this ex­am­ple5is in rather than be­ingCa7t­tributed to ei­ther player.


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