EXAMPLE8 v-iv blues Changes: robben Ford

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY|SOPHISTICATED BLUES -

in this ex­am­ple the BB King ‘blues box’ (r-2-4-5-6) is used to gen­er­ate the sound of the v chord. Over the iv chord, the licks re­turn to the mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic but with t5he 6th in­ter­val (F#) re­plac­ing the mi­nor 7th of the scale. This per­fectly de­scribes the iv chord har­mony be­cause the F# is the 3rd of d7. robben

(r-b3-4-5-6) favours this do­rian Pen­ta­tonic quite a lot as it’s mi­nor with the ma­jor 6th adding sweet­ness.

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