EXAMPLE12 Fi­nal jam

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY|SOPHISTICATED BLUES -

The main tune is har­monised, les Paul style, in this ex­am­ple. ‘larry’ plays the main melody (panned hard left) while ‘robben’ plays the har­mony part (panned hard right). The solo cho­rus is sim­i­larly paTnhneedBs­loueyosuSc­tayn­le­cleoafr­lL­yarry dis­tin­guish the licks on the full mix. When you plaFy tJoAthMe back­ing track, you’ll no­tice that the har­mony has been left on the first state­ment of the tune while the main melody can be heard on the con­clud­ing cho­rus. This is to al­low

w-rit­tPehniol­nC­tah­peochnaert), main melody on the first cho­rus and har­mony part on the fi­nal cho­rus. There is also a slight over­lap be­tween

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