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The open­ing riff is played with con­vic­tion and the po­si­tion shifts are a lit­tle more awk­ward than one might imag­ine. The Voodoo Chile style open-string lick will also take a lit­tle bit of get­ting used to.

The B9 chord is played with a thumb bass note. Play­ing bass noteGs was a Jimi Hen­drix trade­mark and some­thing that SRV copied. The funky 16th-note rhyth­mJown­il­lB­soisuhn­odpb'esst with a con­sis­tent al­ter­nat­ing up and down stroke strum­ming ac­tion. The G# mi­nor and e9 chords are added to link back to the riff, which was played as the in­tro. Bar 13 con­tains a vari­a­tion on the open-string lick where, in­stead of play­ing with string bends, ham­mer-ons and pull-offs are used.

A re­peat of verse 1, here the in­tro riff is only played once bPaEr 2B4Y­coSnR­taVins a chro­matic phrase link­ing the sec­ond verse to the cho­rus.

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