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M¶iºx­oly­dian Ma­jor (de­scend­ing form) R-2-3-4-45-b6-b73

Dom­i­nant 7 chord, par­tic­u­larly if it no other al­tered in­ter­vals), or part of a I7-

James Horner’s I Want To Spend My9Life9­time Lov7ing You; The Fe­male Of The by Space; Kate Bush’s Ba­booshka. A9not9her m7ode of the M7elod6ic mi­nor, tEhe4 Ae­o­lian dom­i­nant has a ma­jes­tic yet mag­i­cal qual­ity. E1x­p­lo2re its use when play­ingEov4er a dom­i­nant chord to elicit a beau­ti­fully s0ubtl2e an4d bit­ter-sweet flavour.

Aka: Con­structi&on: Har­monic us­age: Ex­am­pBles:

Melon­doeoeic Ma­jor,


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