SCALE1 Ly­dian dom­i­nant SCaLE (E)

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Over­tone, acous­tic, Mixoly­dian #4, Ly­dian (4th mode of Melodic mi­nor). Note: with the 5th omit­ted this is known as the Prometheus scale. R-2-3-#4-5-6-b7

Over a dom­i­nant 7 chord, par­tic­u­larly if it in­cludes a #11; over a I7-II7 vamp; when de­scend­ing by a semi­tone or oth­er­wise ‘floaty’.

Melody of Elfman’s The Simp­sons and count­less oth­ers. Per­haps the most nat­u­ral place to start is the Ly­dian Dom­i­nant. ‘Nat­u­ral’ per­haps be­cause it is the first seven-note scale that is ap­prox­Mim­i­la­to­tend'sbyWthAeCKY Har­monic se­ries (what you hear if you play har­mon­ics at theM12ilt­tho,n7'tsh, 5WthA, 4th andE3xa.2mf­prelet­s1e:tcEoL­fayd­niaon­peDnom­strin­i­nagn.tEx­am­ples abound from An­to­nio Car­los

Con­struc­tion: Har­monic us­age:


Jobim’s Girl From Ipanema, the melody of The Simp­sons to Wes Mont­gomery’s solo­ing. An es­sen­tial scale to study.

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