SCALE5 ro­ma­nian SCaLE (E)

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Ukrainian Do­rian, Do­rian #4, Do­rian #11, Ly­dado­rian (4th mode of Har­monic mi­nor) R-2-b3-#4-5-6-b7

Mi­nor chord tonal­ity Satie’s Gnossi­enne No 1 and No 3 (GT208 and GT242) This is the first of our ‘gapped’ scale; ‘gapped’ be­cause it is a seven-note scale that in­cludes an aug­mented 2nd (a three-fret leap), un­usual in the con­text of the more even spac­ing of stan­dard scales. This is a beau­ti­fully evoca­tive scale that can work on a mi­nor (or sim­pler) tonal­ity. It blends the fa­mil­iar (and em­i­nently use­ful) Do­rian mode with a Ly­dian mys­ti­cism due to the sharp #11.

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