SCALE8 oC­ta­toniC SCaLE (E)

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oeDimi­noeisheoed n∞isheoed, Whoe­ole-hoealf

(ooer Hnaoelf-whoe­ole), mooede, Pi#jp©4e»r,Z•ar Ken­doe Sym­met­ric dimi Kor­sakovia&n, R-24-b3-oe4-b5-b6-bb7-7 Ef

anoed/#oroe13#)oein Hoealf-woe­hole Over a di­min­ished 7 chord in ei­ther ori­en­ta­tion. Over a dom­i­nant chord (par­tic­u­larly with ori­en­ta­tion. In­tro of Ra­dio­head’s song, Just

show.n This scaBle is used in. both co7n­fig9u­rati1o0ns of Whole-h8alf and Half-wh1o0le pat­terns. The forAmer is h7ere, but the lat­ter can also be de­rived from the di­a­gram. It has soDm4e ex­traor­di7­nary prop­er­ties and has been the­o­rise4d an5d a7­dop8ted by com­poDse4rs from 7th cen­tury Per­sia, to 17th3­cen4­tury6 Bar7oque (Scar­latti), 18th and 19tEhx1­cal­masp­slieca8l:anEdOR­cot­ma­toan­it­cic (Beethove3n, M4uss6orgs7ky, Rim­sky-Kor­sakov) to

Aka: Con­struc­tion: Har­monic us­age:



Zna~joep~p~aoeuseoed 20thoe­ceoen­toeury The.Per­fect

ioen ismn(Moeeoe#ssoeia#enoe, mod­ern it Soe­tran­goeer anoed­nDoeoe­uproeee’s hean­roeitjin

an­doeyou o.od’s Par­adise caoen Jo­noen.y Greenw in­tro to Just and in the On­des Martenot part of the Nan­toeional An­them.

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