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Sakura, Miyako-bushi (modes in­clude Iwato, Ja­panese Tra­di­tional, Hi­ra­joshi and Ku­moi-Choisi) R-b2-4-5-b6

Over a 5th, Sus, Phry­gian, Phry­gian Dom­i­nant tonal­ity. Yo­coh’s Sakura Vari­a­tions The In scale is a fun­da­men­tal Pen­ta­tonic in Ja­panese tra­di­tional mu­sic. Un­like other Pen­ta­ton­ics the In is a hemi­tonic Pen­ta­tonic. That it is to say, it in­cludes a semi­tone (ac­tu­ally two) in its con­struc­tion, un­like the more ‘open’ an­hemi­tonic scales like the ma­jor and mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic. This gives the In more ‘edge’. In ad­di­tioEnx­tah­misp­slcea7le: isEeIqnuSiv­cal­lent to a Phry­gian mode with­out its 3rd and 7th.

Con­struc­tion: Har­monic us­age: Ex­am­ples:

The 3rd and 7th are cru­cial in western har­mony in de­ter­min­ing the tonal­ity of a scale, so th­ese ex­clu­sions give the scale a beau­ti­ful har­monic neu­tral­ity.

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