SCALE9 dou­bLE har­moniC (E)

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Dou­ble Har­monic ma­jor, Miser­lou, Ara­bic, Gypsy ma­jor, Byzan­tine, Hi­jaz Kar, Maya­malavagowla, Bhairav. R-b2-3-4-5-b6-7

I-bII 5th, Ma­jor tonal­ity. vamp. Dick Dale Miser­lou, Ritchie Black­more’s solo on Gates Of Baby­lon An­other scale with a sym­met­ri­cal qual­ity is the hyp­no­tis­ing Dou­ble Har­monic scale. The sym­me­try is in the rep­e­ti­tion of the pat­tern of mi­nor 2nd, aug­mented 2nd, mi­nor 2nd on both root and 5th. This tetra­chord – which you may rec5og­nise from the top four notes of the Har­monic mi­nor – is known in Ara­bic mEx­u­as­mic­pales t9h:e in Fla­menco mu­sic. The most pop­u­larly known ex­am­ple is in Dick Dale’s Miser­lou (Pulp Fic­tion) which is,

Con­struc­tion: Har­monic us­age: Ex­am­ples:

based di­rectly on a tra­di­tional Ara­bic song Misir­lou (recorded in 1919 with the name Bint Misr). This scale gen­er­ally works where the Phry­gian dom­i­nant does, but the two aug­mented 2nd in­ter­vals give it an ex­tra ‘gappy’ ex­oti­cism.

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