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Aka: Con­struc­tion:

Scala enig­mat­ica, Verdi scale

-3#-#4©4»-#5¶-º#6-7 oelist R- 2 (note some sources aoe­den­soe­cend­ing form with a nat­u­ral 4th, ig­nored

and/oroe Over aug­mented 7th, ma­jor 7(#5), par­tic­u­larly with 9 #11 ex­ten­sions. Joe Sa­troeian#ioe,Th#eoeEn‹ioeg­matic

boeut­nioes Our fi­nal scale stretches our def­i­ni­tion of ‘use­ful’, as it was in­vented to be as dif­fi­cultGBto use as pos­si­ble, some­what iconic among bizarre scales, so it had to bABe in­cluded. It wa7s in­6vented in the 19th cen­tury to be a com­po­si­tional co­nundErum with its ec­cen­tric m8ix of7Ma­j6or, P8hryg7ian5an2d4W3ho1le-t0one in­ter­vals. The mixGof aug­mented 6th 7th is par­tic­u­larly sub­ver­sive of stan­dard­1har­mony. Many mu­si­cians have tak­en0up t1he c2hal3lenge to use this

Har­monic us­age:


scale, most fa­mously Verdi in Ave Maria (sulla Scale Enig­mat­ica). Joe Sa­tri­ani’s

al­buoem No.t ad­ven­ture le#doe­him to com­pose The Enig­matic on his de­but Of This Earth. Not for the faint hearted, to be sure, but for­tune favours the brave.

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