Guitar Techniques - - PLAY|10 WACKY SCALES! -

To try and put all th­ese ex­otic and un­usual scales to­gether in a mu­si­cally co­he­sive con­text was never go­ing to be easy. I have, how­ever tried to make our piece sound ‘mu­si­cal’ and not just a weird col­lec­tion of notes over a se­quence of chords. You will prob­a­bly recog­nise some of the tonal­i­ties and that’s al­ways a great step to­wards be­ing able to use th­ese scales your­self. Once you’ve learnt Cov­ered In Scales, see if you can in­cor­po­rate some of th­ese souGnUdIsTiAnRto SZtIaNrEt sim2 with just one or two ideas and build from there.

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