Ex­am­plES mix­ing dom­i­nant and mi­nor tonal­i­tiES

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(shape #1) This first ex­am­ple demon­strates the com­mon prac­tise of fol­low­ing the sour mi­nor 3rd (C) with the sweeter ma­jor 3rd (C#) in or­der to cre­ate tension then release (there is a ma­jor 3rd in an a7 chord). note how the mi­noGrU3IrTdAiRn bTaErC3H(fNoIuQrUthEnSoMteA) r2e5­lo2­cated6 from the sixth st6ring to the fifth string in or­der to fa­cil­i­tate the slide to the ma­jor 3rd. also, see how the last four notes are taken di­rectly from the a ma­jor Pen­ta­tonic scale.

(shape #1) a lot of the ex­am­ples in this les­son have a coun­try rock flavour. Here, we’re con­tin­u­ing to hold down the ini­tial bend for the bulk of the first bar; so take note of the fin­ger­ing in the tran­scrip­tion in or­der to achieve this with­out ty­ing your fin­gers in knots.

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