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This solo is based in e nat­u­ral mi­nor (e-F#-G-a-B-C-D) and starts with some melodic bends and slip­pery slides. Bar 4 is best played with alternate pick­ing; start with a down­stroke, then try the same with an up­stroke to see which is most3­com­fort­able for you. in bars 5 and 6 use your sec­ond fin­ger to slide up and down the scale on the sec­ond string while let­ting the first string drone through­out. next, po­si­tion your sec­ond fin­ger over the fret wire at the 7th fret and lift your fin­ger off as you pick to pro­duce the nat­u­ral har­mon­ics; then grab the whammy bar and give it a good shake! The solo fin­ishes with some melodic uni­son bends be­fore cli­max­ing with one of Phil Collen’s trade­mark alternate-picked scale runs.

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