ExamplE2 FaSt Sin­gle-note lineS

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lang’s sin­gle-note lines could be both in­tri­cate and speedy and he cer­tainly knBDew&his

scoeale the‰dmJino (rJ- scales and modes, as this ex­am­ple ably demon­strates. From a notes

w4e0’re per­spec­tive, fo3r look­ing∑ at d ‘Blues’ r 3-4- 5-5- 7),

(r-23-3-4-5-6-b7) moAv­ing to C Mixoly­dian/dom­i­nant scale fo2r C7, fol­lowed by

Edom­i­nan­t1s2­caoele (F-G-A-Bb-C-d-E),

(A‰-Bb-C#-d-EF-G), a brief frag­ment of F Ma­jor scale be­fore12a longer and more froJ­moethe be­fore1r2e­toeurn‰in­gJto in­volved phrase de­rived A Ph10ry­gian the fifth mode of the Har­monic m11i­nor s1­ca2le, our home key of d mi­nor.

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