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t&h ma4jor oed­if­fer­ent choArd styles of this era, so en­sure you are flu­ent with a num­ber of voic­ings

vari­a­tio­noein mi∑nor for bo5 the and ar­eas of the fret­board and

EETTAAW# across all keDy/sF. hile you’reBamtit, make sure you’re just as com­forAtable with the sin­gle-note arpeg­gio ex­pres­sions of th­ese use­ful h3a4r­moeonic de­o­e­vices too. You

theoeG6 should play the bass0note of chord with your thumb here, al­though it is pos­si­ble to barre with the first fin­ger.

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