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Here we see how lang might mix small chord frag­ments in with sin­gle-note lines to cre­ate a solo­ing style that pretty much ac­com­pa­nies it­self. it’s clear that Ed­die is acutely aware of the un­der­ly­ing har­mony at all times so your job here is to flag the con­nec­tion be­tween the notes he chooses, pre­dom­i­nantly dec­o­rated arpeg­gios, and the chord sym­bols. Once again, lang goes for a plec­trum-based ap­proach, most likely for tonal and pro­jec­tion rea­sons al­though there is no rea­son why you shouldn’t ex­plore other op­tions such as hy­brid pick­ing or even a purely finger­style tech­nique.

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