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des­oe­ce­noe­dio­en­goepaoet­teo­er­noe­cooem­po­erisoei­noeg This line be­gins in a rather ex­er­cise-like fash­ion, skip­ping through the A

toe­wooe in a as­cend­ing notes moved through­out the scale. The pat­tern is bro­ken to­wards the con­clu­sion of the idea and la3ng pro­vides soniAc5aaundg tim­bral in­ter­est with a cheeky two-oc­tave A har­monic at the 5th fret, fol­lowed by an unresolved A7#5 (A-C#-E#-G), surely an in­di­ca­tion of good things to fol­low.

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