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A change of feel here. This is a very com­mon rhythm in Cash’s play­ing, and he would of­ten switch to this type of feel when he wanted to ‘drive’ the mu­sic more. Yes it’s sim­ple, but oh so ef­fec­tive!

Muted strings play a big part in Cash’s style and they serve a def­i­nite pur­pose – early on in his ca­reer he de­cided he liked the sound of the snare drum and used muted strings as a way of mim­ick­ing it.

sim­ple bass notes and bass runs are of­ten used to con­nect one chord to an­other (the in­tro to Fol­som Prison Blues is a clas­sic ex­am­ple) and while the Tele­caster-tot­ing luther Perkins of­ten took care of th­ese de­tails, you will hear Cash play sim­ple bass runs as well.

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