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The main riff is tran­scribed here with­out Kos­soff’s soul­ful bends (at the 15th then 18th fret of the se­cond string) as oth­er­wise there would be no defini­tive state­ment of it in the whole tran­scrip­tion! Watch the grace note ham­mer-ons, plus the quar­ter note bend in bar 2.

likely played by Paul Rodgers and snuffy Walden, th­ese parts are tight and per­cus­sive, so walk the line be­tween ‘tight but loose’.

Here, the rhythm gui­tars play no­tice­ably dif­fer­ent parts. We’ve gone with the arpeg­giated chords and left the pow­er­chords on the back­ing track. The lead gui­tar makes an en­trance for bars 19-20. This sounds more au­then­tic if you re­lax to­wards the end of the phrase.

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