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As the main in­tro, but this time with the ben­e­fit of Kos­soff’s eco­nom­i­cal blues phras­ing, us­ing e mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (e-G-A-B-d).

This is played as the first verse, though small vari­a­tions in­Eat­tack and tim­ing are in­evitable... and de­sir­able! There was no ‘cut­ting and paGst­ing’ in 197122.

BThis is dis­tin­guished from bridge/cho­rus 1 by the melo0:d4i4c phrase in bar 41 and is a great ex­am­ple of how Kos­soff didn’t al­ways head for the Pen­ta­tonic when solo­ing.

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