Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

For the main D mi­nor sec­tion in 6ths, keep the tone and vol­ume of the tre­ble notes nicely bal­anced. Th­ese 6ths al­most al­ways oc­cur two strings apart so use the first and third fin­gers of your pick­ing hand (i and a) for the most er­gonomic hand po­si­tion. At bar 3 you will need to switch to a half barre at the 3rd fret half-way through the bar. On the fourth quaver beat of bar 21

Bb we are re­quired to play the with the se­cond fin­ger in or­der to keep the bass note F sound­ing (also bar 23). This is awk­ward, so re­lax the hand in or­der to ‘squash’ the se­cond fin­ger in be­hind the fourth on the up­per D note.

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