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au.gmen2ted No­tice the switch to a half barre on beat three of bar 26. At 29 we haGve a four -bar phrase (i0n­clud­ing the use of the 6t1h chor2d) end­inAg in G mi­no0r fol­lowed by the same four-bar phrase a tone lower, end­ing in F ma­jor. This sec­tion has a lit­tle more bassline move­ment so try to pro­ject

DDit clearly with the thumb. At bar 32 a strong fret­ting hand will be needed to2­sus­tain the3G bas2s note and0avoid buz3z­ing o2n the0up­per notes. Fro3m bar 40 to 44 keep the fret­ting on3 the h2igh A note han3d’s fourth fin­ger pressed through­out so that it sus­tains over the un­der­ly­ing parts.

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