...con­tin­uEd~~~ EX­AM­PLE RAMP’S LET­TER – ALLEn’S SoLo

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

Cho­rus 3 [Bar 35-50]

This sec­tion show­cases the use of blues style phrases that al­lBen talks about in­10his pr1e2se1n0­tatio8n. Bar 37 and 38 con­tai8n som7e bl8uesy string bend­ing and the high po­si­tion on the fret­board will inevitably make good

Ein­to­na­tion a lit­tle more tricky. Bar 47 fea­tures an in­ter­est­ing re­peat­ing phrase th1a0t ends in a toe-curl­ing string f1ro0m fret. no­tice how allen’s phras­ing is smooth and flu­ent wher­ever he is on the n7eck.

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