ExamplE3 palm-muted ham­meR-ons

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a.ttack This riff is based in E Do­rian mode (E-F#-G-a-B-C#-D) in var­i­ous po­si­tions on the fret­board us­ing the open fourth, fifth and sixth strings. Pick the open strings with doDwn­strokes through­out and ham­mer-on with your first, then third fin­gers while again palm-mut­ing at the bridge. Get the per­fect bal­ance5of pe6r­cus7­sive and note ton3e by5 mov­ing3y­our pal5m back a5nd f3or­th5and3ad­just­ing5 the pre3s­sure5 un­til you fi3nd the sw4eet spot5.

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