ExamplE6 solo

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

The first four bars of this solo show­case Nuno’s rhyth­mic phras­ing and

(1-b3-4-5- his bluesy side start­ing with po­si­tion 1 of a mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic or­na­mented with slides, sub­tle bends and wide vi­brato. Bar two moves up to the se­cond po­si­tion for some 32nd-note Blues scale pull-offs (1- in bar 3 switch from the ‘du­ple’ based phras­ing to a funky 16th triplet. For bar 4 slide be­tween the 13th and 14th frets and add the 15th fret for a re­peat­ing three-note pat­tern. The re­main­der uses two-handed tap­ping to cre­ate stringskipped ma­jor add 9 arpeg­gios (1-3-5-9), which fol­low the chord pro­gres­sion.

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