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This line starts off in tra­di­tio∑nal dou­ble-tim⋲e the ar­tic­u­la­tion, as it’s the ham­mer-ons, pull-offs and slides that give this phrase such per8­son1a0l­ity. In the8 closi8ng bars John fea­tures a st8ring8-sk1ip0ping idea that supGer­im­poses B m7i­n­or1P0en7­tato8nic (B8-d-8e-F#-1A0) aga1i0n­s1t0em12i­nor to give us the sound of em9Sus4 (5-7-R-2/9-4). The twist here is the out­side ‘side­step’ r1ig0ht at the end, where Scofield shifts up a semi­tone to C mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic to pro­vide an ear-catch­ing sense of ten­sion and dis­so­nance but with com­plete con­trol.

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