Colonel Iain Scott takes it to the bridge this month with a look at dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions of 9th chords: ma­jor 9, dom­i­nant 9, mi­nor 9. Get down!

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Iain Scott pro­vides an­other in-depth look at what makes chords tick. This month: 9ths.

Typ­i­cally, chords are built from scales us­ing stacked 3rd in­ter­vals (ev­ery other note). You make ‘7th’ chords from four ‘3rds’ in se­quence (1-3-5-7). Add an­other 3rd in­ter­val to this se­quence (1-3-5-7-9) and you pro­duce 9th chords. So in the key of C ma­jor it goes like this: Cmaj9 is: C (root), E (3rd), G (5th), B (maj 7), D (9th). G9 is: G (root), B (3rd), D (5th), F A (9th). Dm9 is: D (root), F A (5th), C E (9th). You can also sim­ply 'add' the 9th in­ter­val to a ma­jor triad to pro­duce 'C add 9' or C(9). C add 9 is C (root), E (3rd), G (5th), D (9th). Th­ese chords are com­monly found in funk, gospel and R&B.

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