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Ja­son Sid­well gives you the low-down on this month’s ac­tion-packed Lessons sec­tion.

The acous­tic gui­tar has had quite a ma­jor facelift over the past decade. Not con­tent with its roots in folk, blues, Celtic and blue­grass there has been an ever-grow­ing (check out YouTube!) pop­u­la­tion that love to slap, tap, ham­mer and bash their gui­tars in a new-ish move­ment called per­cus­sive gui­tar. Michael Hedges is ar­guably the orig­i­na­tor of the style but play­ers like Pre­ston Reed, Don Ross, the late GT tu­tor Eric Roche, Andy Mc­Kee, Thomas Leeb, Justin King, Erik Mon­graine and New­ton Faulkner have all moved the style for­ward.

GT has cov­ered the style quite a bit in the past but we thought we'd start a video se­ries for new or reap­praised ways of play­ing the acous­tic gui­tar. En­ter Chris Woods, one of the UK's most promis­ing acous­tic gui­tarists that favours per­cus­sive styles along­side con­ven­tional fin­ger­pick­ing. His Cre­ative Acous­tic se­ries (pg 82) starts this is­sue with an in­tro­duc­tory look at per­cus­sive ap­proaches; this lays out foun­da­tion ideas for begin­ners then varies and builds on them to in­ter­est those more fa­mil­iar with the style. We think the vis­ual ap­peal of the tech­niques used are bet­ter served by video footage so you will greatly ben­e­fit from the pre­sen­ta­tion here.

As for the rest of the lessons, you've a wealth of fun in store! 30-Minute Lick­bag (en­joy the last arpeg­gio work­out), Hu­bert Sum­lin blues (tasty fin­ger­style comp­ing), Blind Faith rock (great Clap­ton licks), Allen Hinds solo­ing se­ries (some lovely 16th-note phrases!), Nuno Bet­ten­court hard rock (killer riffs and licks), John Scofield jazz (you’ll love the fi­nal ex­am­ple), Joni Mitchell acous­tic (open D tun­ing with capo) and the Rockschool read­ing se­ries. En­joy!

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