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bacK is­sue aPP

I grad­u­ated from Berklee and GIT and played for over 22 years with the last 12 hav­ing a pretty dis­ci­plined ap­proach. Then I didn’t play for a long time, but al­ways knew I would again. When I started putting in my se­cond run at the 10,000 hour thing, I came across your mag­a­zine and af­ter a few months sub­scribed. That was early 2010.

Ev­ery month there’s al­ways some­thing that ap­peals to me and I have gone through a lot of the ar­ti­cles over the years. But you guys are re­lent­less. Ev­ery month more ma­te­rial ar­rives in my mail­box to chal­lenge me say­ing: ‘Hey, do you know this?’ Then ev­ery few months an is­sue will con­tain some­thing su­per spe­cial to me. It never stops.

Some­times, I get feel­ings of guilt from the fact that my best es­ti­mate of the ma­te­rial I have ab­sorbed into my play­ing from all th­ese years is maybe 3% of the to­tal con­tent. It’s likely lower than that. Of­ten I re­mem­ber an ar­ti­cle I would like to re­visit but it’s too hard to go through ev­ery mag­a­zine to find it. I copy ev­ery CD to my hard drive but only your spe­cial ‘Spring’ is­sues will copy the ac­tual ti­tle so I can not search (Win­dows Me­dia Player).

What we need, and I know this is a large task, but it’s not an in­fi­nite one, is for you to pro­vide on­line a search­able in­dex of each is­sue/CD. It’s a big task, but I would think it’s only a te­dious task, a brute force, one-time pro­ject to go back to years of pre­vi­ous is­sues to com­pile, be­cause it would not be hard to then main­tain and up­date with ev­ery new is­sue.

I would think it’s a great job for a fledg­ling jour­nal­ist in­tern. As a for­mer de­vel­oper and cur­rent tech­ni­cal pro­ject man­ager, I would sug­gest it be a data­base driven app. Hell, I’ll even of­fer to man­age the pro­ject re­motely for you if it helps get this go­ing. A re­source such as this is some­thing one might ex­pect from a ma­ture, sta­ble, im­por­tant voice of the com­mu­nity. And we would ac­cept any flaws such as miss­ing data etc, but I would also bet that the read­er­ship would be able to pro­vide info for any ‘lost is­sues’.

In clos­ing I will say if this al­ready ex­ists, please point me to it and con­sider this email just a big never mind!

H Schuyler Collins III

Un­for­tu­nately, it doesn’t ex­ist, as yet. I wish we did have an in­tern that could sort it out be­cause we just don’t have a large enough team to do it at the mo­ment. A long­time reader does keep a data­base of main tran­scrip­tions and fea­tures, but this doesn’t take into ac­count all the reg­u­lar lessons at the back of the mag­a­zine, and th­ese would also need to be logged if we were to do it prop­erly. As for nam­ing the CD so it’s more search­able, we’re look­ing into that now and it shouldn’t be a prob­lem. Of course, if some­one does have a fully up-to-date con­tents list go­ing back 22 years, we’d be very happy to hear from them. Very, very oc­ca­sion­ally we do get work ex­pe­ri­ence peo­ple in. Should that hap­pen in the near fu­ture, the job of com­pil­ing the list will be all theirs!

Disco in­Ferno!

A while back I bought a triple al­bum, Disco In­ferno: A Se­lec­tion Of Tracks By Nile Rogers. I can see why this type of mu­sic is beloved of bass play­ers – great grooves and bass pat­terns. The more I lis­tened to it I thought: “Hey, there is some won­der­ful rhythm, hooks and fills, al­though deep in the mix.” I de­cided I must drop you a line for an idea for a fu­ture ar­ti­cle – a Disco Rhythm Ex­trav­a­ganza to beef up your strum­ming chops and get those feet tap­ping.

Michael Payne

Yes, in­deed, Nile is a fab­u­lous gui­tarist and a friend of the mag­a­zine. Some years back Ja­son Sid­well ran a funk se­ries in Gui­tar Tech­niques that cov­ered most of the great funk bands and their gui­tarists – in­clud­ing Mr Rogers. We also com­piled the se­ries into a spe­cial mag­a­zine with CD called Play Gui­tar Now! Funk! Un­for­tu­nately, this is out of stock too, but I’ve just done a search and it seems they oc­ca­sion­ally come up on a well-known on­line auc­tion site. So keep your eyes peeled. Mean­time, a more spe­cific ‘disco’ front-end fea­ture might be worth a look.

taste, touch & tone

Un­til I bought your last is­sue I didn’t know much about Allen Hinds. I may have re­called you do­ing some­thing with him be­fore but I’m not sure I saw it. Watch­ing Mon­key Swag­ger I was stunned by his beau­ti­ful touch and tone, and most of all his im­pec­ca­ble choice of notes. You hear peo­ple talk­ing about ‘play­ing over the changes’ and Allen is the per­fect de­scrip­tor of that. And when you hear the whole pack­age – what I call the ‘Three Ts’, the afore­men­tioned touch, tone and taste – it all adds up to the per­fect player. I’d say he’s ev­ery bit as good as Robben Ford, Larry Carl­ton and Matt Schofield, and I thank you guys heartily for in­clud­ing such an in­spir­ing player in Gui­tar Tech­niques. Watch­ing his fin­gers is a great help when go­ing through the tab, too – even though he’s so slick I can’t be­lieve that what’s just come out of my speak­ers is the re­sult of such min­i­mal fin­ger move­ment! More please, from this ar­tic­u­late mu­si­cian and great teacher.

Stephen Barry

Yes, Stephen, Allen’s play­ing is as close to sub­lime as we can think of. He hits all the right notes, at just the right time, with just the right tone. And what more could you want? There is more to come in the se­ries, so please do keep buy­ing the mag­a­zine! And if you like Allen you’ll also love this month’s cover fea­ture on Robben Ford and Larry Carl­ton – two other fine ar­biters of taste, touch and tone.

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