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The verse sec­tion leans to­wards a C#m tonal­ity, which is the rel­a­tive mi­nor of the par­ent E Ma­jor key. John uses wide stretches to play the sus chord shapes and usu­ally lim­its his chords to no more than three notes at a time; any more can start to sound muddy with a dis­torted tone. This also gives key­boardist Jor­dan Rudess more room to fit his parts in and or­ches­trate ad­di­tional chord tones where ap­pro­pri­ate. The chord names re­flect the har­mony sug­gested by the key­boards as well as the gui­tar. At bar 39 switch to a clean sound and se­lect the middle pickup po­si­tion for the most even tone pos­si­ble. Hold each chord shape down for the en­tire bar and use your pick to arpeg­giate while al­low­ing the notes to ring to­gether.

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