Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

In or­der to bal­ance out all of the pro­gres­sive and tech­ni­cal el­e­ments found in the rest of the song, John de­cides to keep the cho­ruses sim­ple and di­rect and fo­cus on the root notes of the chords. The chord names de­scribe what is be­ing played on the key­boards, so in each case the root note is played on the gui­tar. Use down­strokes through­out and let the strings ring freely with­out any palm-mut­ing. When you play along with the back­ing track, fo­cus on the kick and snare and try to make your pick strokes match up with them. Af­ter the cho­rus it’s time to reprise the in­tro riff again, this time with a slight vari­a­tion in that some of the notes are har­monised a di­a­tonic 3rd above the orig­i­nal part.

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