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Play through the se­cond verse as per the first, but note that it is eight bars in­stead of 16. Next, re­turn to a vari­a­tion on the sin­gle-note riff from the in­tro (bar 73) and add some nat­u­ral har­mon­ics on the open fifth string. Use one of your fret­ting fin­gers to lightly touch the string just above the 3rd fret – enough to pro­duce a har­monic. Keep your fin­ger in con­tact with the string and slide up to the 7th fret while pick­ing eighth notes with down­strokes.

The third verse is played over a dou­ble-time drum groove with con­stant 16th-notes on the dou­ble kick drums. Match your al­ter­nate picked notes to the kick drums to sound tight. At the end of bar 92 fol­low the DS al Coda (re­turn to sign at bar 39, page 29), then play un­til end of bar 47 be­fore jump­ing to the Coda at bar 110 (page 30). In­tro­duce the solo by sus­tain­ing C#m add9 chord for three and a half bars, then play the lick [based in C# mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic scale (1- 4-5-

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