Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

Petrucci starts the solo in a melodic fash­ion us­ing C# Do­rian (C#-D#-E#-F#-G#-A#-B) as his frame­work. The first few bars fea­ture pinched har­mon­ics, which are the tri­an­gled notes. Play th­ese notes with a down­stroke and as you do so, brush the side of your thumb against the string mo­men­tar­ily; you should now hear a high-pitched har­monic squeal. The ex­act pitch of the har­monic will change de­pend­ing on where your thumb hap­pens to con­tact the string; try mov­ing back and forth along the string to ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent har­monic pitches.

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