Ex­am­ple CHILLED VANILLA – alen’s solo

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

In­ter­lude [Bars 49 to 52] This sec­tion uses the same chords as the in­tro, al­beit in a dif­fer­ent rhythm. For bars 49 and 50, Allen leaves a gap for the key­board chords then pro­vides a melodic an­swer each time. He uses the same ap­proach of chord tones com­bined with tar­get notes here. No­tice Allen’s use of A Al­tered (A Su­per

Bb- Eb- Locrian (A- C-C#- F-G)) in bar 52 to cre­ate ten­sion be­tween re­solv­ing to D Melodic mi­nor/D Nat­u­ral mi­nor in bar 53.


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