Example7 Blues clichés with side­steps

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Sidestep­ping is a de­vice that creates a sense of con­so­nance, ten­sion, then res­o­lu­tion, achieved by mov­ing ei­ther up or down in the middle of a phrase and then back again while keep­ing the phrase’s gen­eral shape in­tact. Here Oz em­ploys both as­cend­ing and de­scend­ing vari­a­tions within a pair of con­ven­tional and com­pletely in­side di­a­tonic blues phrases. The mas­ter of this tech­nique is Her­bie Hancock, al­though Noy is ob­vi­ously no slouch ei­ther. Once you get the gen­eral idea try this with any phrase that you reg­u­larly use, to breathe new life into your solo­ing vo­cab­u­lary.

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