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There is no doubt about it, this is hard! José’s pick­ing hand is a thing of won­der and al­though he does not think of him­self as a fla­menco player the in­flu­ence of that style is ap­par­ent in all he does. I’ve shown an al­ter­nat­ing ‘im’ pick­ing pat­tern here which is ef­fec­tive – start slowly if you are new to this.

We ex­plore the al­ter­nat­ing fla­menco style ‘im’ pat­terns on the bass strings here. Note how you will need a dif­fer­ent pos­ture on the pick­ing hand for this, but re­mem­ber that it is sig­nif­i­cantly slower than the open­ing lick.

José is also very adept at keep­ing rhyth­mic ac­com­pa­ni­ment pat­terns go­ing – but look out for the brief in­crease in pace on beat three (the E).

A de­vel­op­ment from the rhyth­mic pat­tern in bar 10.

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