EXAMPLE8 Joe Walsh Style Slide Solo

cd track 12

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Us­ing GUITARJoe’s pre­ferred TECHNIQUESs­lide tun­ing MAGAZINEof open E (low 2 to 5 high;5 E-B-E–G#-B-E) this solo is more about dy­nam­ics and melody than Derek Trucks-style vir­tu­os­ity. A good work­ing knowl­edge of chords helps too, as the phrases in bars 4 and 5 are cre­ated by su­per­im­pos­ing the rel­a­tive ma­jor chord tri­ads (C and D in this case) on the fourth, third and se­cond strings over the B mi­nor and A mi­nor chords. Taste­fully ap­plied slide vi­brato helps both with tun­ing and char­ac­ter.

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