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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY | METAL -

[Bars 1 - 27] For the acous­tic in­tro (which is, ob­vi­ously, fine on clean elec­tric), form the com­plete chord shapes and use your pick to ar­tic­u­late the arpeg­gios while GUI­TAR al­low­ing TECHNIQUESthe notes to ring 2 to­gether5 5 for a nice ‘flow­ing’ sound.

[Bars 28 - 47] When play­ing the melody, switch to a dis­torted sound and en­gage an oc­tave pedal to add an oc­tave above the writ­ten notes. You can, of course, play the same part but with­out the oc­taves.

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