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[Bar 21-30] This sec­tion keeps the piece in a state of sus­pense by land­ing on the dom­i­nant 7 chord of A7/G (bars 21 and 22) and with the ex­tended pas­sage of di­min­ished triad arpeg­gios. More A7 ap­pears in bars 28 and 29 un­til we get D(sus4) in the fi­nal bar – the G note fi­nally re­solv­ing to F (Dm chord). Make sure the fi­nal chord sus­tains so that the res­o­lu­tion is clearly au­di­ble. Once you’ve learnt the piece, aim to play it with a per­fect mix of ac­cu­racy and ex­pres­sion.

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