Ex­am­ple UP AND OVER – allen’s solo

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON | VIDEO -

Middle [Bars 30 to 35] The tonal­ity changes to E mi­nor and Allen’s phrases in­ten­sify with some im­pres­sive sound­ing le­gato lines. The fin­ger­ing of th­ese lines is quite tricky so make sure you run through them slowly at first. 7/4 Riff [Bars 36 to 41] Allen’s ap­proach in the odd-time sec­tion is to play 16th-note ideas that cross the bars. Th­ese licks are based around the gui­tarist’s best friend, E mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic, with some F# notes (9th of E mi­nor) for colour.

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