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Stick­ing with the same po­si­tion, but adding one of those high root notes at the 19th fret, this sec­tion is more about rhythm and pitch vari­a­tion than know­ing lots of licks. Try each phrase and see how closely you can em­u­late it. This is a great way to ab­sorb new ideas.

Here, BB gets things shift­ing, mov­ing from shape 3 to shape 1, adding the odd ma­jor 3rd (D) as he de­scends to the sixth string. A real bend­fest in bar 45 takes us way down to the lower reaches of the fret­board. This is sur­pris­ingly tricky (BB did have some chops!), so take your time.

For the fi­nal cou­ple of phrases, we’re jump­ing around the fret­board a lit­tle. It’s in­ter­est­ing to com­pare this with how Eric closes his solo; from the 4th fret up to the 19th for an­other of those root notes, land­ing in a shape 1 style phrase, in­cor­po­rat­ing the home key’s 6th (G#) at the very end. So there you have it – yes, there are al­ways new pat­terns to learn, but it’s of­ten about be­ing fully ‘present’ when play­ing the ones you do know.

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