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Here, we see both melodic and rhyth­mic the­matic devel­op­ment by re­peat­ing the same E7 phrase down a tone for D7. Again, make a note of the chord tones be­ing tar­geted through­out.

These fi­nal two bars demon­strate that you don’t need to nail ev­ery chord tone or play the en­tire scale in or­der to ar­tic­u­late each chord. Here, it’s a mix­ture of A Mixoly­dian and A mi­nor Blues scale over the A7 chord,

Ewhereas it’s just the root (E) that’s re­quired to bring out the sound of the E7 chord. Gen­er­ally, this ‘rootsy’ ap­proach is more typ­i­cal of the blues than tar­get­ing pret­tier notes such as the ma­jor 3rd: try it here by tar­get­ing the G# note over the E7 in­stead; if you’re not care­ful, it can sound too sweet and corny. The im­por­tant mes­sage here is that it’s im­por­tant to ex­er­cise good taste rather than just glibly ap­ply the­ory and as­sume that it’ll al­ways sound good.

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