Ex­am­ple6 Wider voic­ings in a jazz fu­sion style

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

m7b5) To show you how use­ful the four ba­sic chords (maj7, m7, dom7 and de­rived from the har­monised Ma­jor scale can be, here is a mod­ern blues pro­gres­sion that uses these as sub­sti­tu­tions. In bars 1-4, if you an­a­lyse

Bb7, Dm7b5 Bb9, the notes of the voic­ings over a the will sound like the AbMaj7 Bb13 Bb11

will sound like and the Fm7 will sound like etc. This prin­ci­ple is also used over the F9 chord in Bar 10. Also no­tice in Bar 7 the

5b9 Fm7b5. G7# (al­tered) chord is sim­ply an Adding these chords and this knowl­edge to your arse­nal will em­power you greatly as a mu­si­cian.

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